About the Artists

Nathalie Boutin 

French artist Nathalie Boutin’s unique style and use of color is a combination of impressionism and realism, influenced by her life on the idyllic Polynesian island of Maui, where she lives and works.

Since 2001 Nathalie has brought the vibrant colors of Hawaii to her canvases. She uses a conceptual method of representation, combined with expressiveness through color; her palette is composed of vivid reds, warm siennas and deep ocean blues with which she depicts simple scenes of the peaceful lifestyle of the islands, or portraits of stars of the silver screen. Her works are transfused by the Aloha spirit the warm climate, the shimmering ocean, the golden sunsets and tropical scenes are reflected in the bold, luminous, painterly brushwork and sensuous forms of Boutin’s symbolic canvases.

Boutin’s art is no mere flight from civilization. Like van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin, by whom she is strongly influenced, Boutin’s canvases are a search for a more essential and sincere state of being. Following the path of her illustrious predecessors, her personal road to discovery goes through the ancient ways and the expressive peoples of Polynesia. Nathalie Boutin was born in Cognac, France and raised in beautiful Charentes Maritimes in the south west of France near Bordeaux.